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United States
Just cause u watch me doesn't mean i will watch you back,

"The longer you live the more you realize that the world is full of pain and suffering, Wherever there is light there are also shadows,as long as the concept of winners exist there will always be losers."

"Saigo made akiramenai" (Don't give up until the very end

" If you don’t say 'goodbye,' then you aren't really gone. You...just aren't here right now."-Carolina from Red vs. Blue

Welcome to my page!!

18years old || Bad Speller
Bisexual || TAKEN!! ;v; by a wonderful ;3 and beautiful girl
Fursona: Lynn
:star:Groups I'm In:star:

Cougarhowl | She-cat | Warrior | Skyclan
Anastasia | She-cat | Kittypet | N/A
Mimipaw | She-cat | Apprentice| Riverclan

Cloudstorm | Tom | Warrior | Skyclan
Hollowvoice | She-cat | Warrior | Windclan
Shrewfur | Tom | Warrior | Shadowclan
Larkpaw | She-cat | Apprentice| Thunderclan
Goosekit | Tom | Kit| Riverclan

Zeolite | She-cat | Warrior | Earthclan


Watching the clouds go by. by Sparrow-puff Always by Sparrow-puff
:heart:Mimifootxrutstripe by DancingfoxesLFI support ShyxLion by INfernoLynx:thumb422984519::heart:
Stormleap Emberstar WSC Stamp by SophSouffle :thumb355186437:
Merry Late Christmas by INfernoLynx
Toshiro a.k.a Talonbark by good-within-u

MLP Artwork
Always Here for You by Nobody47

Don't thank me Stamp by owleyed-angel

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ColorfulSin Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for all the faves bb

Just cause your sign said not to
and I'm a rebel
good-within-u Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015
lolz ;3 of course love

You rebel you X3
ColorfulSin Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015  Student Digital Artist

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