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Owlsong WSC NEW Ref by good-within-u Owlsong WSC NEW Ref by good-within-u
OMG! Owlsong! needed a BIG updated on her info, plus her ref, ;w; soo DA was being a but and wouldn't let me update Owl's old ref so here's a new one! a Sneek peek at her new ref!! ;w; new fur cheeks and soon her warrior pose will be up!!

Here's a link to her old ref

Edit: 1/21/14 Finished ref

Edit: 6/2/14  
12 WSC Points for 3 full colored body


Name: Owlsong
Past Name(s): Owlkit-Owlpaw
Age: 20+Moons
Sex: She-cat



Clan: Willowclan
Rank: Deputy
Mentor/Past Mentor: Acorntree
Apprentice/Past Apprentice: N/A




[ Calm ]
Owlsong is one of the calmest she-cats ever, she never lets anything bad get to her really fast, and makes sure to take deep breathes to keep from blowing up steam.When put under a stressful problem, Owlsong always keeps her cool and tries to make others do the same, she will keep cool and take action and do what ever she can. Since she lost one of her legs, she still has her own problems as well but does all she can to stay calm, no matter what the state is.

[ Over Protective ] 
Owlsong is very over protective of her family, since she lost her leg she started to take life more serious, same with her family. Since Blossomwhisker and Bandit left, she started to see how life can be so cruel to her family, to her siblings, and even to her own Mother, and with more family on the way,she dedicated her goal to keep her reaming and still growing family safe. Owlsong does have a rep to tower over others just to make her look more scary, but since she is still that sweet and caring she-cat she is, most don't take her seriously, but she's ok with that, she rather spend time with her mother and her siblings.

Owlsong is very motherly, when it comes to younger cats having some sort of trouble, she would stick around till they either solve that problem or till they get over it. Owlsong loves to teach younger cats in the clan, its just and instinct that comes naturally to her, she didn't know when this happen or how it happen, but she wouldn't change it for anything. She even mother's her fellow warrior's from time to time, older or younger than herself, she would do anything to help others in their time of need.

[Small depression]
Owlsong still has some moments where she is depressed, she still has nightmares of  when the dog attacked and took her leg, she feels as if she became useless and not helpful due to her losing her leg. Due to this, she notice that some of her skills went down a bit due to her missing leg, she blames herself for losing her leg, and not being quick enough to dodge the dogs jaws. She doesn't tell anyone about her little problem due to not wanting others to think she weak and useless.

Brave is one thing Owlsong is, when she see's one of her fellow clan-mates in danger she would jump into action and try to protect them from harms way. If some cat is hurt, and can't walk, she would carry them back to camp, she would so anything to protect her clan, and stop anything from hurting her clan-mates.

More to come

-Being with family
-protecting those she loves
-Teaching others from right and wrong
-Challenging herself to see how far she can push her body
-Looking at the sky

-Being useless
-The fact she only has 3 legs and it brings her skills a bit down
-Others telling her she-cat
-others who disrespect her family
-Displeasing her family

-Disappointing her family
-Losing another leg
-couldn't help others
-losing her family


Born to Deputy Embertail and Warrior Stormleap, Owlkit, along with her siblings,Sweetkit,Ironkit,Spiderkit,Berrykit,Blossomkit, and Dazekit. Being born into such a large litter made Owlkit feel, over crowded, she was a bit fussy and grumpy, due to her siblings always being piled in the nursery at the time. Owlkit somehow always got into trouble as a young kit, always messing with the apprentice's, taking things from the healer's den, and always playing to ruff with her siblings.  When ever she went to far in her little schemes she would be grounded to the nursery for a week, she would watch her siblings play outside the nursery while she stayed inside with her mother. But she didn't mind that much, she loved spending time with her Deputy mother, Embertail was her idol, she really respected her mother for what she did for Willowclan, and the fact she was deputy made her even more prouder to be her daughter. When ever she did get grounded, Embertail would switched places watching over her with her mate, Stormleap, Owlkit's father, when ever Stormleap was around he would teach Owlkit some basic hunting crouches just to pass the time, he would even play warrior and leader with Owlkit.

Owlkit loved each and everyone of her siblings, she would play with Sweetkit and Blossomkit, her two sisters, and sometimes she would rough house with Berrykit and Spiderkit. She knew Ironkit wasn't that well to play in a play-fight but she would always chat with him, as for Dazekit, she loved making him mad, she got in trouble for it, but still did it just to get him to play-fight. Owlkit was growing up fast and also growing out of her rebellious stage, soon her apprentice came sooner then she expected, she was 6 moons, seem's her life as a kit was over, she was excited yes, but would miss sleeping next to her mother's belly, but she knew it was time to begin her warrior training.

The day Owlsong was made apprentice, it was the day her life would change forever, she was assigned to a Acorntree, he was ok in her book, but she was happy to have him as her mentor. As she trained she met an apprentice name Darkpaw, she didn't think much of him at first but soon he kinda grew on her. When she turned 10 moons one of her brothers left, it was Dazepaw, she was sad to see her brother go, but she didn't dare to stop him, he had grow meaner ever since they were made apprentice, he even swiped a claw at her when she got on is nerves.

As Owlpaw learn, she started to see changes in her siblings, some where off out late in the night, and some seem to grow distance, she just ignored it for now. When ever she see's her parents she always try's to spend time with them and show them what she had learn. It seem Owlpaw lost her bond with her siblings, she still chatted with Sweetpaw and Ironpaw, but she mostly spent her time with Darkpaw, their friendship had grown stronger and better over the moons. Owlpaw slowly started to form a crush on him, she didn't understand till she asked her mother about it, in witch she got a bone crushing hug from her, saying about her first crush.

While out one day, Owlpaw and a few other apprentice where assigned to a group hunting, work together to get the prey, but before they could move, a dog jumped out and attacked. Owlpaw being the cocky she-cat she was attacked, and as she jumped at him, she knew right away she made a huge mistake. The dog grabbed a hold of her front left leg, and in result, she lost it. This changed Owlpaw a lot, she became depressed and sad, she stopped talking to anyone, only cried herself to sleep, the dog attacked really scared her for life, Embertail tried to help her daughter but couldn't do much but be there for her when she had her nightmare's 

As time went on Owlpaw was slowly turning back into her old self, Darkpaw was there for her, and she was grateful for that, Sweetpaw was there time from time, but then she vanished. As Owlpaw's warrior-ship grew closer she became more happy and carrying, that dog attack made her relies life is short, and she should care about each day as if it was her last, with Darkpaw and her parents with her, she know's she wont be so lonely, sure her siblings have changed since then, as the leader called her and her siblings up, she made a promise to make her warrior life the best she could make it.

When Owlpaw became Owlsong, she and Darkpaw,now Darkflight took a walk out, both just enjoying the feeling of being warriors after all these moons, the two have become even more closer since they became warriors. The she-cat was happy to be a warrior, she got to see how some mentors and apprentice did, she wonder what it felt like to be a mentor, well she got to know that feeling when she notice one of the apprentice's mentors got sick. She took over the apprentice training, taught her everything she knew, at first the apprentice wasn't sure about her, but once she saw progress in her hunting and battle skills she started to like Owlsong more and more.

When the apprentice's mentor still didn't get better, words got out that a sickness has been going around, Owlsong was worried for her family, but what she didn't know was that she had caught the sickness herself. Darkflight didn't care if he got sick or not, he stood by Owlsong's side as she stayed in camp, dealing with the sickness, she was happy that her best friend stuck with her, then Sweetpaw returned with Wolfpaw. Owlsong and every other sick cat was cured by the stuff Sweetpaw brought back from her journy, Owlsong was so happy to not only have her sister back but that she and Wolfpaw would become mates. On the day Sweetpaw became Sweetsoul, Owlsong was gonna confess to Darkflight, so they went for a walk, as they talk they didn't notice something was off.

Before Owlsong knew it, a flood had happen, Darkflight yelled out to climb up the trees, but with her missing leg and in a panic she didn't make it up and was swept away by the flood. Owlsong was pushed and pulled as the water took her away from home and from Darkflight, as she came up for air she felt something go over her chest,s he felt a stinging pain as she went under again. She thought she was gonna die, she thought she would never confess her feelings to Darkflight, or ever see her family again, she ready to give up, when she felt something tug at her neck. It was Darkflight, he had let the current take him so  he could get to her, he pulled her to the banks and out of the water, both lay on the damp dirt as they tried to catch their breath.

Once they recovered, Owlsong looked down to her chest to see what had it her, it looked like a sharp rock or branch had cut over her chest, she hissed as she tried to move, Darkflight rushed over and licked the wound clean. Once she was sure she could walk, both headed back home, only it was gone, their home and the other clans where wiped out due to the flood. Owlsong was devastated, how could their home be gone, ignoring the burning in her eyes, she and Darkflight set out find her family, once she found all of them alive she rushed into her mothers arms and cried "You're all ok! You're all ok! Thank Starclan" she never felt so heart broken in her life, the thought of losing her family just made her feel sad, but seeing them alive just made her happy.

After all the clans gather, Owlsong notice that only a handful of Streamclan cats made it out alive, Streamclan was gone. Banding together, the reaming four clans set out, to find a knew home, walking with Sweetsoul, she notice her sister was crying, "Whats wrong?" she wonder why she was crying, their family was safe, Wolfcall was alright, sure their home is gone but that's all, what more could be lost. "I-its Crimsonstone....H-he's gone..." then it hit her, she looked around for the tall red tom, only to not see him at all, Crimsonstone was Sweetsoul's best friend. Owlsong stuck with her sister, she would leave her be once Wolfcall would come back from  hunting and go be with Darkflight.

A year has passed since then, they found there new home, sure it took some getting use to, but Owlsong got around fast, she helped the clan in anyway she could. After a few moons, Owlsong notice that Darkflight vanished, days and days of searching he was pronounce dead, Owlsong was heart broken, she cried to Sweetsoul and Emberstar for days, and when ever her father was their, she would snuggled up agents him like she use to do as a kit.  

Owlsong soon started to get back to normal life, even if it still pained her that her crush was gone, she would force smiles on her face, faking laughs and how she really felt. Sweetsoul didn't let it go, she confronted Owlsong about this, and after a heart to heart chat ,Owlsong felt better, better than she had before. Things seem to be going better, till one day, Crimsonstone showed up, she never seen Sweetsoul move that fast since before she was pregnant, after greeting the tom, she found out he lost his memory, not know what to do, she let Sweetsoul help her best friend. It was a good thing he showed up when he did, Sweetsoul was due soon and her mate has been ignoring her, she felt sorry for her sister and didn't know what to do besides be there for her. She promise she would protect her sister and her soon to be nieces and nephews when they are born, and same for her whole clan, she would die protecting Willowclan to the very end.

:new:One night, Owlsong went for a walk, as she did she came to the Iceclan border, their she met a tom  name Thrushflight, the two hit it off fast, becoming good friends. As the two chatted, the tom brought her to a secret place only he knew of, there the two chatted and laughed together, soon she had to leave but promised to come back and talk with him again. It was the next day she met Peppernose,the clans apprentice healer at the time, they chatted and Owlsong liked the tom, in a friendly way of course.

A moon went by and soon a tournament was announced to all the clans, Owlsong seem excited about this, she tried getting Peppernose excited too but the tom wasn't as much. During this, Owlsong and Thrushflight cut off their meetings, something about a she-cat getting mad at the tom for talking to Owlsong, it didn't bother the she-cat much but she did feel sad she lost a friend. Peppernose also confessed his feelings to Owlsong, so she agree to date him, to see if she will have feelings for the tom, but with the tournament going on, she was more focus on that than her feelings.

During this, Dustfang, the clans deputy, had gone missing, Emberstar had no choice but to pick out a new deputy, when her mother called out her name, Owlsong was shocked. She heard her clan chant her name, braving this she stood up and spoke out to her whole clan "I'm sorry of the news of Dustfang, he was a great tom, and deputy of Willowclan" she spoke loud. Trying to keep her voice calm and strong the three legged she-cat looked at all her clan mates "I may not be Dustfang, but I will do my best as deputy! I won't let you down!" she bowed her head to her clan mates as they called her name out.

To say the least, Owlsong was scared to death, she didn't think she was right for the spot, but she will try her best to be a great deputy. Soon the tournament had come to an awful end, with the Stoneclan leader hurting her mother, causing her to maybe lose a life, Owlsong was out raged, if not for Crimsonstone she would have attacked the enemy leader for hurting her dear mother. It was on this night she snapped, yelling at Peppernose, thus cutting their dating off, hurting not only the tom, but herself. 

It's been a good two moons since this, and during that time, Sweetsoul gave birth to six healthy kits, Owlsong was a proud Aunt now, but she saw her mistake and went to talk to him. The two restarted their friendship again, growing closer during this, as the days pasted and turned into weeks Owlsong started to form a crush on him. After a few more weeks, she knew she was starting to love the tom, after another moon she confessed to him and the two became mates. Owlsong never felt happier, she was getting more confident at being Deputy and also more accepting to her knew mate, she still loved Darkflight with all her heart but she knew she had to find a new love.

A Moon or two later, Owlsong found out she was caring kits, she never felt so happy to finally start the family she always wanted, Peppernose made sure everything went well during her pregnancy. It felt like such a short time, but finally her baby's where born, three kits, her oldest daughter, Cobblekit, who looked some much like Owlsong's father, Stormleap,  her 2nd daughter, Stormkit, who took her looks after her father. And lastly her only son, Antkit, who was born sick and weak, Owlsong was broken at this, she thinks she failed him at helping him grow, now she spends as much time as she can with her kits, with only 4 moons till they become apprentice she hopes they will stay kits for much longer but knew that wasn't gonna happen. 

As her life goes on, Owlsong became a big sister, her mother giving birth to another litter of  six, she is happy to welcome her new siblings, Redkit, Sootkit, Frostkit, Blazekit, Drizzlekit, Sorrelkit, into the world of the clans.

[Mother] Emberstar
[Father] Stormleap
[Litter mates] Sweetsoul | Ironeyes | Blossomwhisker | Spiderbite | Bandit | Berryblood
[Siblings,ect] |  Redkit | Sootkit | Frostkit | Blazekit | Drizzlekit | Sorrelkit
-Sweet's Kits-Butterkit | Sugarkit | Robinkit 
-Sweet's Kits- Dipperkit Patchkit Flamekit | 
-Blossom's Kits-Cricket | Fox | Beetle 
[Mate] Peppernose
[Kits] Cobblekit | Stormkit | Antkit



Bullet; White ll Missing
Bullet; WhiteBullet; White ll Don't Know 
Bullet; WhiteBullet; WhiteBullet; White ll Talked too

Bullet; Blue ll Acquaintance 
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue ll Friend 
Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueBullet; Blue ll Best Friend  

Bullet; Green ll Kin 
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green ll Ex-Mate 
Bullet; GreenBullet; GreenBullet; Green ll Kits

Bullet; Pink ll Attraction 
Bullet; PinkBullet; Pink ll Crush 
Bullet; PinkBullet; PinkBullet; Pink ll Major Crush 

Bullet; Purple ll Pity 
Bullet; PurpleBullet; Purple ll Feels Uncomfortable Around 
Bullet; PurpleBullet; PurpleBullet; Purple ll Shuns

Bullet; Yellow ll Unsure 
Bullet; YellowBullet; Yellow ll Fear 
Bullet; YellowBullet; YellowBullet; Yellow ll Terrified Off

Bullet; Orange ll Respect 
Bullet; OrangeBullet; Orange ll Apprentice 
Bullet; OrangeBullet; OrangeBullet; Orange ll Mentor  

Bullet; Red ll Love 
Bullet; RedBullet; Red ll Lust 
Bullet; RedBullet; RedBullet; Red ll Had Kits With 

Bullet; Black ll Dislike 
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black ll Hate 
Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black ll Wants them Dead 

Heart Mate 

WSC Owlsong Heart Chart


Darkflight, I met him when we where still apprentice's, I didn't think much of him at the time but he kinda grew on me, together we did a lot together, he became my best friend. Soon we became warrior's, it was the greats day ever, we went for walks together, hunted together, we spent almost all our free time together, Darkflight had a special place in my heart since before we were made warriors. My crush grew stronger and stronger as we spent more time together, then the flood happen. I was taken by the rushing water, but he saved me and I found out, my crush turned into love, he stayed with me all they way to our new home lands. After a few days there we went to walk together one night, we spent the night out there together *blushing* hehe, I never felt so happy...but...then he dispersed... I don't know what happen...but days past...soon moons past...and he was pronounce dead...we almost became mates...and then he was gone...i went into depression soon after, too a lot from my family to help me get out of it. Darkflight if you're in starclan, I love you, and I hope you're watching me now.

Roleplay availability:
Notes | sure! just ask!
Skype | both yes and no at times, ask
Chats | Never

Roleplay ratings
G/PG | yup
PG-13 | yup
M | yes, but plz ask and what will happen


(A Small part of rp im doing with Sparrow)
(may)The birds chriped loudly as the sun raised in the sky, the dark blue colour had changed lighter each beat and there siloetted in the distance was a lanky tom on a rock inside Pineclan's camp and watched the birds start their day. Once again the tom couldn't sleep so he volenteered to help on the guard duty with the other two warriors who were stood by the gate, their heavy lids falling but they will be soon replaced with freshly woken warriors. He placed his paws together as he looked back up into the sky and curled his tail around his back legs.
(Goody)Laying in the back of the apprentice den was a dark orange she-cat, her fox like pelt made her stand out a bit. As she sighed, she slowy opend her eyes, having now sleep once again that night. Why... every time i close my eyes the same nightmare comes...of my mentor being killed along with my clan.... Sitting up she looked at all the apprentice's who were sleeping peacfully from her point of view. Glaring at them she got to her paws and walked tords the entrence of the den. Looking out she saw little movement,soon her eyes landed onto the cat who sat guard for the night. Standing their she thought about what to do, then she sloely made her way to him.
(May)Darkcloud's fur bristled gently as the cold wind touched the back of his neck. He wasn't paying attention to the outside world, and only in his thoughts he spoke. His tail slowly uncurled as it swayed left and then right, before landing calmly on the grass and being still. He thought of Whirlpaw and then of his family that he hadn't the chance to know. He thought of his adopted family which were now gone, his uncle Lionfang. He had no family left in the living world but the strong-willed warrior didn't let it phaze him unlike his apprentice days. His fur had finally grown back on his front arms after he clawed them out in anger back then. He paused, turning around, his eyes focused on the fox-like apprentice. "Hello Fernpaw." He spoke. 
(Goody)Fernpaw dipped her head to the tom, " Hello Darkcloud" she sat next to him. " Is everything going well?" she asked as she looked at him. She was very small for her age, she was shorter than most of the apprentice, she was even small at birth as well. She still didn't understand why she was short when she was always healthy. " How was guard duty? I hope it went well for you" she smiled lightly at him. Ever since they had that walk together she has been smiling more around him a lot. It was thank's to her mentor,Darkcloud, that she show's him her smile.


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WarriorsSecondChance (c) sophie1995 and the othe Admins.
Reference Sheet (c) Sparrow-puff
Art/Character (c) good-within-u
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